Career Guidance


1. Proper Dress Code and decorum should be maintained within the College premises.

2. Student should enter into the College premises within the schedule time as per routine. In exceptional circumstances, student will be allowed to enter till 11:05 am. After that Students will not be allowed to enter under any circumstances.

3. Student will not be allowed to leave the College premises during the College hours (10:10 am to 4:00 pm) without the permission of the College Authority.

4. Student should maintain 75% attendance as per the University guidelines for each semester. Non-Compliance of which would adhere to disciplinary action as per the University norms.

5. All fees including semester-fee have to be paid within the month of June (for academic period July to December) and November (for academic period December to June) for every academic session.

6. Library books have to be returned within the prescribed time, otherwise fine will be imposed as per the rules.

7. Students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phone within the class room; otherwise the College may take necessary action.

8. Student should follow the rules given for the Common Room.