Chairman Desk


Chairman's Desk

Dear Student,

Our Constitution has given the right to our people to elect its own Government. So, India is a democratic republic nation. Our countrymen deserve to know their rights and responsibilities as well as the Rule of Law very clearly. We also need to understand the real meaning of Justice, Equality, Fraternity and Secularism.

The college was set up in 2014; the first law college in the district of Howrah, naming it to pay homage to Sureswar Dutta, who was a leading lawyer in Howrah Bar;  and to fulfill a long cherished desire of people of Howrah to have a law college in its city as well as in the district.

In fact, teaching of legal education is a blend of theory and practice and of unearthing of the deepest social philosophy in quest of Justice of multiple dimensions in course of advancement of human civilization.

Our college thrives to inculcate the best of physical and human infrastructure and will allow students to explore the highest order of this branch of knowledge in posterity.

Amitava Datta
Sureswar Dutta Law College